Chinese Confederation of Roll Forming Industry(CCRFI) was founded in October 1985, it is the only national industry economics social organization approved by the State council. It is a nationwide, nonprofit and professional organization, which belongs to a kind of social entity organization. It is subordinated to China Steel Construction Society in administration, while to China Steel Society(the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry)in business. It includes industries, institutes, universities, community organizations and individuals researching on Roll Forming. Due to the continuous development over these years, CCRFI has more than 180 members registered in the Committee in China, the number of productive enterprises is 137, accounting for about 76%.
       CCRFI, under the guidance of line, principles and policies of Communist Party of China, is adhere to the view of scientific development, make service for Enterprises, Industry and Society. Its work policy is that development depends on enterprise. It insists on market-oriented and provides service actively. And finally the industry self-regulatory and coordination mechanism is hoped to established and improved, the overall interests of the industry and the members in CCRFI will be safeguard. Under the guidance of national macro-control, CCRFI gradually achieves self-management, become the government staff assistant and plays the bridge role between the government and enterprises. It carries out international cooperation and communication, and promotes China's Roll Forming industry development continuously, stably and healthily.

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       First,  CCRFI focuses on horizontal and vertical cooperation between the user and Roll Forming enterprises, developing a series of deep discussions and researches, and providing technical support.

       Second,  CCRFI provides industry standard declaration, revision and consulting services.

       Third,  CCRFI joins the China Steel Association statistics platform, to carry out statistical work.

        Fourth,  CCRFI carries out management of the Roll Forming enterprises qualification.

        Fifth,  CCRFI carries out technical training in Roll Forming enterprises.

       Sixth,  CCRFI carries out the academic researches, exchanges and studies of technical experts, scholars and enterprise personnel at home and abroad, provides an opportunity to communicate face to face for the members.

        Seventh,  CCRFI conducts selecting activities of "technical innovation" and "quality products" prizes.

        Eighth,  CCRFI has set up a series of  platforms to exchange,such as website "http://www.china-cri.org/" and "ROLL ROEMING" magazine, QQ group, WeChat and so on to exchange. The main purpose is to release information of industry.


       CCRFI is willing to provide a platform of resource sharing, learning mutual advantages and communication for members. And it is willing to work together with the members to promote the industry progress, pursuit of excellence constantly and contribute to the Roll Forming industry. 

       If you would like to be a member of CCRFI and want to enjoy our service, the following materials are needed to send us
    (1) Requisition.
   (2) Application forms.
   (3) Duplicated business license.
   (4) Registration forms of basic situation and duplicated qualification certificates of industry.
   (5) Product instructions and samples.
      Membership application, management and membership fee standard are included in the following download files


      >>>download the materials and forms needed to join CCRFI




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        The Chinese Confederation of Roll Forming Industry (CCRFI) and the Guangdong Provincial Association of Steel Construction have decided to co-organize “2017 the second China (Guangzhou) International Roll Forming Expo” in September 9 to 12, 2017. And "2017 The Second China (Guangzhou) Roll Forming Technology Conference" will be hold meantime. The China International Roll Forming Expo is hold for every two years, 2017 the second expo will be hold in Guangzhou, China, sitting on the pearl river delta, radiation in South East Asia, reasonably using of the great resources to make well-planned promotion and improve the influence of this roll forming expo at the most. At the same time select the professional visitors and regulate the behavior, to maximize business opportunities.

       Who would like to be exhibitors are requested to submit the application form and conference papers by e-mail or fax to the Committee of the Chinese Confederation of Roll Forming Industry (CCRFI), the detailed booth drawings and exhibition manuals will be sent to you after we received the application form.

       The following is the detailed information about this Expo! Welcome to download and contact CCRFI. Thank you!


 The Only State Industrial Event in China Roll forming Industry
Unlimited Business Opportunities to the whole industry chain


 China Confederation of Roll Forming Industry  

Guangdong Provincial Association of Steel Construction

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